Why You Should Sign Up for Automatic Delivery: Common Misconceptions & Prime Benefits

Having to schedule your fuel deliveries and arrange them around your busy schedule can really take time out of your day, which is why we at Blueox Energy offer convenient automatic delivery to our valued customers. Blueox Energy is proud to serve the Central and Sothern Tier New York towns with reliable Bioheat® fuel, heating oil, and propane gas automatic delivery.

You may be wondering: Is signing up for automatic delivery really worth it? Our answer is an absolute yes! Automatic delivery comes with many benefits that our customers love. We’re here to tell you the top benefits of signing up for automatic delivery and also clear up some misconceptions, so don’t quit reading yet.

Common Misconceptions About Automatic Delivery

  • Automatic Delivery Doesn’t Cost More: Auto-delivery doesn’t cost any more than will-call ordering. While some think it’s more expensive, we will deliver only what you need when you need it, which results in more efficient fill-ups and savings for you.
  • Customers Do Not Have Less Control Over Their Deliveries: It’s understandable that some customers may think they’ll have a lack of control over their deliveries if we’re the ones arranging deliveries for them, but using our advanced technology to determine exactly when you need your tank filled will result in more timely and predictable deliveries than if you were to order yourself.
  • You Won’t Get Fuel If You Don’t Need It: It makes sense that some customers might think we will deliver fuel even if they don’t need it, but because we use advanced monitoring systems to determine when your tank needs fuel, and because we are always refining our algorithms, you can rest easy knowing you’ll only get fuel when you need it.
  • Our Systems Do Give Reliable Predictions: Most customers are not familiar with the technology we use, so they might doubt it, and while no system is perfect, we at Blueox strive to continually refine our processes and predictions based on your past usage and the weather conditions.

Top Benefits of Automatic Delivery

When you need heating oil, clean-burning Bioheat® fuel, or propane gas delivered, look no further than the stellar service from Blueox! When it comes to providing the best benefits of automatic delivery, we have you covered from start to finish.

  • Enjoy Total Convenience: No need to pick up the phone or plan ahead around delivery dates. We use state-of-the-art technology to track daily weather patterns and fuel usage to estimate when you will need your next delivery, so it’s always on time.
  • Feel at Ease and Have Greater Peace of Mind: Automatic delivery significantly reduces the risk of a no-fuel emergency, which can cause serious damage to your equipment. We do our best to ensure your tank has plenty of fuel, so you can relax, knowing your fuel supply is in good hands.
  • Take Control of Your Fuel Budget with Smarter Spending: A custom delivery schedule translates into more efficient fill-ups, which can help you make the most of your heating season budget. Plus, knowing when and how much fuel you’ll be getting will make your heating budget more manageable.

Should I Still Check My Tank?

While we will handle all your ordering and scheduling for you, it’s still a good idea to periodically check your fuel gauge just in case. The Blueox team will track usage and make deliveries automatically, but a sudden increase in usage (like adding more members to your household or property additions) could throw off your typical usage schedule. If you have any changes in your fuel usage, make sure to tell us right away.

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Enroll in Automatic Delivery with Blueox Today

For reliable heating oil delivery, clean-burning Bioheat® fuel delivery, or propane delivery, Blueox has you covered with affordable and dependable automatic delivery. Signing up for automatic delivery is easy! Simply contact Blueox to get started. You’ll enjoy total convenience and more balanced heating costs. We look forward to serving you.

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