Why You Need to Sign Up for Automatic Fuel Delivery This Winter

As the temperature begins to drop here in Central & Southern Tier, NY, you should consider getting serious about your home heating. For many New Yorkers relying on oil heat or propane, taking care of your home comfort means regularly monitoring your fuel level, ordering at no less than 30%, and arranging fuel delivery times during the already busy time of year. Luckily, Blueox Energy has a solution to make the winter heating season easier. Keep reading to learn the reasons why Blueox recommends you sign up for automatic fuel delivery for heating oil or propane.

The Advantages of Automatic Delivery

At Blueox Energy, our top priority is keeping your New York home safe, warm, and comfortable all year long, which is why we want to help you enjoy the cold season by taking the task of scheduling your fuel deliveries off your plate. Our automatic fuel delivery program is available to our customers at no additional cost to help you rest more easily this winter. We’ll monitor your fuel levels and automatically schedule your fuel refills, so you’ll get your deliveries exactly when you need them. When you’re enrolled in automatic oil delivery, our advanced technology alerts us when you’re due for a refill, and we deliver as much as you need, never more, never less. The best part is that you don’t even have to be home!

Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for Automatic Oil Delivery

Worry less about monitoring your fuel gauge

With automatic oil delivery, you can worry less about monitoring your oil or propane fuel levels. Our automatic system calculates your projected fuel usage based on previous use, weather patterns, and tank monitoring technology to alert us when it’s about time for your tank to be refilled. We dispatch our delivery drivers at the perfect time for you to receive your fuel when you need it. No unnecessary deliveries and no unexpected costs.

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Leave the ordering fuel and scheduling deliveries to us

Looking for more convenience when it comes to managing your home heating? Blueox Energy’s automatic fuel delivery for heating oil and propane is simple, affordable, and easily the most effortless way to ensure your total home comfort during the heating season. With us taking the reins on scheduling your deliveries, you can worry less about calling us to schedule your next refill and trust that we have it handled to keep your New York home warm and safe.

Reduce the risk of fuel run-out

Automatic fuel delivery greatly reduces the risk of a mid-season fuel run-out. This can be disastrous for New York homeowners as the temperatures begin to drop in the fall. Luckily, Blueox Energy can help to ensure that your home will be fueled all winter long with heating oil or propane so you can keep your home running, crank up the heat, and stay as cozy as possible. In the event of a fuel run-out, don’t panic! We have 24-hour emergency response services and will come out day or night to bring you fuel. Our emergency services are also available for our HVAC service plan customers and Service Membership customers. Click here to view our service plans and enroll today.

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Got plans? You don’t have to be home

Don’t worry about being home when your heating oil or propane automatic delivery is set to dispatch from our facilities. We can take it from here! We’re happy to provide this service to our Blueox Energy customers to make the winter heating season even easier.

No additional costs!

Blueox’s automatic fuel delivery service has no additional cost. You’ll still be paying the same prices for heating oil or propane as if you were a will-call oil delivery customer. The big difference: you’ll get the added convenience of automatic delivery without the stress of monitoring your own oil tank. In fact, some of our Blueox Energy Service Plan members even receive discounted fuel prices. Click here to view our service plans and benefits.

Enroll in Automatic Delivery with Blueox Today

When it gets cold, count on Blueox for reliable and efficient automatic delivery service and quality fuel oil. With our experience in serving our community in Central & Southern Tier, NY, we look forward to serving you this upcoming heating season. Contact us to enroll in automatic delivery today.

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