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Ductless Cooling

These innovative systems have the capability to cool or heat any space. Individual head units can be installed in 1 room or 8 rooms providing you with individualized comfort from room to room. Traditionally installed as an air conditioning solution for homes without duct work, these systems are rapidly gaining market share because of their diverse ability to deliver the highest ratings of energy efficiency, the most ideal level of comfort, and the quietest level of performance. Customers are utilizing the ductless system in whole home replacement systems or just to supplement cooling or heating in unique rooms of your home. Ductless systems run off electricity but at a more energy efficient level than standard electric cooling systems. Cooling solutions compare energy ratings by SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) and range from 16-26 SEER depending on the system installed. One of the reasons for the highest energy ratings is because of the ductless design. When the cooled or heated air does not need to travel through duct work the output temperature remains more constant because it is not lost in transit. Even insulated ductwork experiences an element of temperature loss from the core system to the register. Blueox partners with the leader in the ductless cooling industry to offer the most superior products on the market.

Mitsubishi electric ductless heat pumps & central cooling systems offer whisper quiet operation as well as a variety of “head” choices to fit each rooms unique needs. Wall mount, floor mount, and ceiling cassette units are most commonly installed in our area. Mitsubishi electric ductless offers a variety of models from standard efficiency units to their exclusive HYPER HEAT technology units offering fully capacity heating at the lowest temperatures on the market today. Their innovative iSee technology continually scans the room looking for cold or warm spots to ensure the airflow is evenly distributed offering maximum comfort. Mitsubishi has also partnered with a variety of thermostat manufacturers to offer full control of your home right from your cell phone!

Blueox Energy is also proud to be a premier installer of Mitsubishi Electric Ductless systems. Our team members participate in annual training, therefore, we can offer exclusive extended warranties that the other guys can’t. We don’t want to be the company who offers the most gimmicks, we want to be the company you can trust to do the job right and stand behind what we do.

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Cooling/Heat Pumps: This system is consistently rated as America’s #1 Ductless HeatPump & Central Cooling System

If ductless solutions are new to you, watch our video series below to learn more quickly about these top of the line products:


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