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Blueox BIOHEAT® Fuel Oil Blend

Do you burn traditional fuel oil in your home? Whether you are an existing customer or looking to change to Blueox, we offer the area's only custom BIOHEAT® fuel oil blend available. Currently, all fuel oil providers bring your home a blend of 5% BIOHEAT® and 95% traditional fuel oil. Blueox Energy is committed to surpassing regulations and we currently deliver our customers an increased blend of 10% BIOHEAT® fuel! This higher percentage blend ensures that you will be using the most environmentally-friendly oil option available on the market right now. BIOHEAT® fuel is Better, Safer and Cleaner for the environment and your home!


BIOHEAT® is a proprietary blend of heating oil and renewable biodiesel that is blended together with traditional fuel oil blends to help the fuel run cleaner than in your existing heating system. This blend works as a solvent to reduce build up in your tank and burn cleaner in your furnace or boiler protecting and preserving your homes heating system. BIOHEAT® fuel burns Better, Safer and Cleaner than traditional fuel oil blends.




Better for Your Equipment


Easy to Order


Renewable Energy

Stay Updated on Your Bioheat Fuel ® Levels

Make keeping an eye on your fuel level super simple with a fuel tank monitor from Blueox Energy.

How to Choose a Fuel Delivery Company

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Why Change to BIOHEAT®?

As an energy-focused company, we want to help our customers do their part in moving toward a more sustainable future, which includes greener fuel solutions. This is one product that can help you make an immediate impact on our climate, and making this change won’t cost you any more than you normally spend on your fuel oil! Blueox is committed to leading the market in green energy use and BIOHEAT® fuel is the best first-step in helping to make a difference.



Start Ordering BIOHEAT® From Blueox Energy Today!

If you are an existing customer, you are already receiving this product automatically with your regular deliveries, so there is nothing you need to do, except tell friends and family so they can start making a difference too. (Check out our referral program here.)
If you are new to Blueox, welcome, we look forward to working with you! New customers can easily place their first order online or you can call our office to set up your account with automatic delivery options!

Your participation in using greener fuel oil like BIOHEAT® fuel will help us progress as a community. With BIOHEAT® fuel, you get to keep the warm, reliable oil heat you love, and still help reduce the stress on our environment. In most cases, with the current tax credits available, you will also be saving money by ordering with Blueox Energy, and you won’t have to install a costly new heating system to do it! At Blueox, we are committed to proving that we are a different kind of energy company by providing you with the choice to use innovative, greener products that will preserve our community and environment for a long time to come.


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