Top Reasons to Schedule Your Spring Heating Tune-Up Now in Oneonta, NY

hands holding heating and cooling gauges

It’s that time of year! As winter changes into spring, homeowners in Cooperstown, NY and the surrounding area are looking to schedule their spring heating system tune-ups. While it’s common knowledge that your heating equipment should have annual preventative maintenance performed by experts like the ones here at Blueox Energy, we’re going to let you…

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Signs You Need a New Heating System in NY

Furnace Repair

Winters can be tough to handle in New York State! When it comes to handling the frigid season, you rely on your heating system more than anything to get you through the chilly months. When your heating system has reached the end of its lifespan, you may notice its efficiency declining, and your home may…

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Is that the smell of safety?

This week we are shifting gears completely away from the entire price conversation and we are focusing on safety. As many of you are aware by now, there was a substantial natural gas leak in Norwich this week that shut down the Route 12 corridor for an entire day. So what does this have to…

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Hey Buddy Pick A Lane Would Ya?

Last week we shared some information regarding price trends effecting planning and purchasing of annual fuel oil and propane usage.  This week’s article splits into two tracks. Track A “Dear Blueox I don’t care about your prebuy and budget plans. I like to order fuel when I want it and manage my deliveries myself because…

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What To Expect – When We Are All Expecting

Not A Baby …. Rising Prices! We are seeing and feeling it everywhere, the cost of living is on the rise. Unless you are a dooms day preparer and living off your stock pile we are sure you have been feeling the pain of increasing prices on groceries, home improvement materials and gas at the…

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Bigger Is Better – Or is it?

As long as fuel oil or propane is in your tank when you need it why should you care if your provider is a local business or a national power player? Surely a national company has buying power that can’t be touched by the local guy … local is always more expensive … Or is…

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