Have You Thought About it Lately? Perhaps You Should …

As a new year starts and we all look to navigate a growing set of challenges, you may be looking to clean the slate. There are so many decisions, day in and day out, that need your energy (when all you really want to do is scroll on your phone in your best comfy pants!)

With all the extra time spent at home in the last year, how are you feeling about your fuel oil or propane provider?


Have you thought about it lately? Perhaps you should.

We wish we could share all the horror stories we hear of customer experiences gone wrong in order to awaken the public about what is acceptable and what isn’t. The energy industry is powerful and hard to hold accountable. Pricing changes stem from far away counties and big commodity traders in big cities … giant swings in weather patterns can strain or fluff your wallet … how do you know ?


How do you know if what you are experiencing is ok? Is fair? Is safe?

We don’t sit here today asking for you to change your energy supplier to us … we do sit here today and ask you to follow us … follow us on our journey to educate and empower the fuel oil and propane consumer … follow us on our journey to hold bigger fuel oil and propane supply companies accountable. (Or we will at least empower you to save a lot of stress and money!)


It may not be your biggest priority as we embark on a new year … but it is important and our priority, and we are committed to you (even if you aren’t choosing us today.) Keep up with our 2021 conversation however it is convenient for you … You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Our message will be the same and you will want to hear what we have to say!


…. Talk soon and cheers to 2021!

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