What To Expect – When We Are All Expecting

Not A Baby …. Rising Prices!

We are seeing and feeling it everywhere, the cost of living is on the rise. Unless you are a dooms day preparer and living off your stock pile we are sure you have been feeling the pain of increasing prices on groceries, home improvement materials and gas at the pumps.

(Don’t worry we aren’t going political on you).

Our role as a provider of fuel oil and propane to direct consumers is to continue to provide educational feedback and information to allow YOU to make informed purchasing decisions for your household. Even though we are barely out of the last heating season, now IS THE BEST TIME to start planning for next year. If you have never considered a Prebuy or Budget hopefully we can provide some useful information. Not interested in a prebuy or budget? – No problem, fuel oil and propane trend information below just helps you stay informed on what is happening with prices.



So what are we telling you?

What we were all expecting … prices are higher than they were last year. On average, this time of year, we are anticipating to see people paying $.30-$.50 more per gallon of product than they may have paid last year (depending on when you signed up and who your supplier is.)

So what does this mean?

It means yes prices are higher, but this is still a smart time to consider locking in your product for the next season.  Prebuy and Budget plans that lock in a price, check all the boxes we have been talking about including supply management and price control.

Choosing Blueox Energy to partner with on energy gives you even more protection.

Why? We include capped price protection at no extra cost. That’s right NO FEES!  Your plan is enrolled with a contracted price AND…..


If on the day of your deliveries the market price is lower – you get the benefit of that lower price.

If on the day of your delivery the market price is higher – your safe your price is still locked in.

Stop worrying if you signed up at the lowest price – your protected with Blueox Energy!


If this all sounds great, and you want to switch fuel oil or propane companies and join us at Blueox – call us in Oxford at 800-723-2583! If you aren’t convinced call us anyway we are happy to answer questions or provide guidance – even if  you aren’t switching to us!


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