How to Get Tax Credits on Your Heating Fuel in NY

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March is here, and with the third month of the year come many events and milestones that residents in the Oxford, Greene, and Sherburne, NY area have come to expect. The official start of spring, college basketball playoffs, St. Patrick’s Day… and tax time! If you’re gearing up to file your taxes in the coming…

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How to Save Money When Ordering Bioheat® Fuel

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If you heat your New York area home with Bioheat® fuel, you might already know it is a clean, renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy choice for your home’s needs. That is why Blueox Energy encourages our customers to fuel their homes with Bioheat® fuel, especially since it can be used with your existing standard oil…

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How to Choose a Fuel Company in NY

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With oil prices high and inflation taking its toll, you need a reliable home comfort provider now more than ever. Most of all, you need a New York provider you can trust to provide you with dependable service and affordable, fair pricing. We at Blueox Energy do just that—but don’t take our word for it.…

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Is that the smell of safety?

This week we are shifting gears completely away from the entire price conversation and we are focusing on safety. As many of you are aware by now, there was a substantial natural gas leak in Norwich this week that shut down the Route 12 corridor for an entire day. So what does this have to…

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Hey Buddy Pick A Lane Would Ya?

Last week we shared some information regarding price trends effecting planning and purchasing of annual fuel oil and propane usage.  This week’s article splits into two tracks. Track A “Dear Blueox I don’t care about your prebuy and budget plans. I like to order fuel when I want it and manage my deliveries myself because…

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What To Expect – When We Are All Expecting

Not A Baby …. Rising Prices! We are seeing and feeling it everywhere, the cost of living is on the rise. Unless you are a dooms day preparer and living off your stock pile we are sure you have been feeling the pain of increasing prices on groceries, home improvement materials and gas at the…

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Tis The Season … Prebuy & Budget Season

Depending on your current supplier we are embarking on what we refer to as “Prebuy & Budget season.” Every year starting in April (Blueox is always one of the first) Blueox allow customers to start signing up for their annual Prebuy or Budget fuel purchasing plan. Now if you have never heard of a Prebuy…

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