How to Save Money When Ordering Bioheat® Fuel

If you heat your New York area home with Bioheat® fuel, you might already know it is a clean, renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy choice for your home’s needs. That is why Blueox Energy encourages our customers to fuel their homes with Bioheat® fuel, especially since it can be used with your existing standard oil heating system, so you don’t need to install any new equipment. But if all these benefits aren’t enough to convince you to use Bioheat®, maybe all the ways you can save money will!

Sign Up to Receive Email Newsletters

We’re sure your inbox is full of emails daily, but don’t be too quick to send them all to the trash folder. Those emails could contain the latest news and offers from your favorite companies. Signing up to receive emails is a great way to save on Bioheat® fuel, as companies like Blueox Energy send coupons and promotion information via email. And if you forget, you will often receive an email to remind you before the offer expires!

Sign Up for Payment Plans

Fuel is a necessity for your home to run, but the price of deliveries can be costly, especially in the winter. That is why Blueox Energy offers a variety of payment options:

  • Budget Plans allow for 12, even monthly payments for more predictable bills.
  • Pay as You Go allows you to monitor your fuel usage yourself and pay based on what you need.
  • Prebuy allows you to purchase a year’s worth of fuel for your home at a capped or locked-in rate.

Refer Friends and Save

Businesses know word of mouth and their reputation are the lifelines of their business. When people hear good things from their friends about another company, they’re more likely to give that business a try. As a way to motivate customers to spread the good word, companies will often run a referral program. Referrals allow companies to utilize free marketing while offering savings to those who gave the referral and those who heeded their friends’ advice. Blueox Energy offers savings to current customers when they refer friends and family to Blueox, as well as a welcome gift of savings on Bioheat® fuel to our new patrons. Take advantage of our referral program! You can even stack your savings, potentially earning free fuel on your next delivery!

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