How to Choose a Fuel Company in NY

With oil prices high and inflation taking its toll, you need a reliable home comfort provider now more than ever. Most of all, you need a New York provider you can trust to provide you with dependable service and affordable, fair pricing. We at Blueox Energy do just that—but don’t take our word for it. Check out the rest of this post to learn what to look for when you’re searching for a new home comfort provider.

Tips to Finding the Best Provider for You

Make sure your new prospect has enough time and team members to add on a new customer. A good price will do no good if they can’t get to you fast.

Ask whether they provide 24/7 emergency deliveries and service and find out the accompanying service charges. You want to work with someone who can provide service if you get in a bind.

Find out about pricing options: Ask each question below for pre-buy, budget, or pay as you go options. The answers may change depending on how you pay.

  • Is the price valid just for today or all season long? Some companies will offer a cheaper price in the off season but no price guarantees when the cold arrives.
  • Is the price a fixed price or capped price? A fixed, or lock-in, price won’t change all season, regardless of what happens in the market. A capped price is available when you purchase insurance that allows your price to drop if the market comes back down. Ask the provider whether they hedge their fuel. Some companies say they float down with the market, yet may leave customers unprotected because they didn’t actually purchase the contracted fuel.
  • For how long is the pricing good? Some companies offer pricing for one year, while other companies only allow delivery of the priced gallons during in-season months.

Ask to verify whether you’ll have to pay extra fees. Remember, fees can add up to $.10–$.30 extra per gallon. It is important you understand the whole picture of your real price so you know it’s affordable.

Find out if they offer any assistance like HEAP. Even if you have never before used HEAP, you never know when you may need some extra help.

Check out online reviews to see what other customers say. You want to make sure that the company boasts a good reputation.

Ask if they have any new-customer or existing-customer discounts. Even current customers should always ask what discounts are available, because you never know where you could save more!

Check to see if they deliver Bioheat® fuel as a cleaner alternative fuel. If not, you’ll miss out on a tax credit that could help save you even more money. Blueox offers Bioheat® fuel for a $.10/gal. tax credit.

Find out, if you burn kerosene at home, if they offer Bioheat® fuel with Anti-Gelling additive—if not, you’ll miss out on the tax credit and will pay at least $.40 more per gallon necessary.

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Choose Blueox Energy

Choose Blueox Energy for your home comfort needs. Finding a quality home comfort provider need not be rocket science. Blueox offers everything you need to stay comfortable throughout all seasons. Become a customer of Blueox Energy today and learn the difference our company has to offer.

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