Tis The Season … Prebuy & Budget Season

Depending on your current supplier we are embarking on what we refer to as “Prebuy & Budget season.” Every year starting in April (Blueox is always one of the first) Blueox allow customers to start signing up for their annual Prebuy or Budget fuel purchasing plan. Now if you have never heard of a Prebuy or Budget Fuel Plan allow me to back up a bit and explain.

There are 3 ways to purchase fuel for consumers …

  1. Pay As You Go – You order fuel and you pay for fuel when you need it. (You only part with your cash when you need fuel.)
  2. Prebuy – You purchase and pay for an entire year’s worth of fuel at once. (Hello best price!)
  3. Budget – You estimate your annual usage and make a monthly payment that will cover your annual usage. (Hello stress relief!)

What tends to add to the confusion is every dealer has variations of these offers and different rules/restrictions on what you can do.

  1. Some fuel oil and propane dealers require you to be on automatic delivery. Blueox allows you to be an automatic or will call customer on these plans.
  2. Some fuel oil and propane dealers charge additional fees for pricing protection coverage. Blueox includes those same coverages with no added fees or charges.
  3. Some fuel oil and propane dealers only honor your price during certain months – even though they lock you into an annual contract. Blueox doesn’t. Your deliveries are guaranteed at your price protected price at any time in your annual contract.

At the end of the day … like we have been saying all along … WE DON’T CARE HOW YOU BUY … Blueox just focuses on solutions that fit your needs, that are simple and make sense. No games here.

The process should be as simple as the 4 step automatic enrollment process we have available to customers online. If you can answer these questions you can sign up for the plan that works for you on your schedule … not our office hours!

Did we mention we give you an extra $.05 off the price if you enroll yourself?

Step 1: How do you want to buy? Select Prebuy or Budget (Pay as you go plans do not require any pricing agreements).

Step 2: How many gallons do you use each year?

Step 3: Do you want to add a service contract to ensure your heating system is maintained? (HINT: You save an extra $.10 a gallon for having this option)

Step 4: Review and Approve! (YES IT REALLY IS THIS SIMPLE)

So save up to $.15/gallon – Enroll on your schedule – Stop worrying about fuel prices for an entire year.

Still not sure if making a switch to Blueox makes sense? Give us a chance, we don’t do heavy sales pushes, we talk, we educate and we find solutions that fit YOUR needs. Just call us in Oxford at 800-723-2583!


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