“You won’t believe the price that ******** is charging this customer!”

Does anyone remember those awful JG Wentworth commercials, featuring a cheesy array of clients yelling from their windows “It’s my money and I need it now!” (If not you can find it on youtube if you have a minute of your life to waste) … While the ad was cheesy, it’s one of the classics that annoyingly sticks in your head because it hits home on the point …

You should be in control of your money!

So why do we hear stories each week of customers being strong armed by their oil or propane supplier? While some pricing contracts do require a set of restrictions the absurdity of how people like you are treated every day (when you are the customer remember) never stops our office chatter.

Everyday this is the conversation outside my office door …

 “You will not believe what this new customer just told me that they have been dealing with!”

Or another one of my favorite responses from the team …

“We have to find a way to help this customer switch companies you won’t believe what they were told.”

Or best yet …

“You won’t believe the price that ******** is charging this customer!”

(Give us a call if you want to know what the stars stand for!)


You have a choice. You have the choice on how you want you fuel delivered, when you want your fuel delivered, and what payment program works best for you to manage your budget. And guess what you can choose to mix and match that combo anyway you want.

(Unless you’re not one of our customers of course).

Do you want automatic deliveries (we deliver when we anticipate you need it) or do you want to call us when you need a delivery? Your choice!

Do you want reminders and alerts when we are coming to make the delivery? No problem!

Do you want to pay for the entire year upfront to secure a great price? Or would you prefer to break up a payment over 12 months? Or do you just want to pay when you get the fuel? Frankly we don’t care – it’s what works for you that matters to us. This is why we have built so many mix and match options to fit your specific needs.

Think of it this way if you have to ask the question “Can I do that?” or “I wish they would just let me do it this way” then you should probably call Blueox – because we will!


If your interest has been peaked call our office, we are sure you will notice a difference in how you are treated from the second we pick up the phone. Makes you wonder what else you may have put up with for too long? (Insert awkwardly staring at your spouse here) Just kidding! Just call us and find out if your provider is the one represented by the ********!


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