Why You Need to Sign Up for Automatic Fuel Delivery This Winter

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As the temperature begins to drop here in Central & Southern Tier, NY, you should consider getting serious about your home heating. For many New Yorkers relying on oil heat or propane, taking care of your home comfort means regularly monitoring your fuel level, ordering at no less than 30%, and arranging fuel delivery times…

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Propane Safety For Kids

As your kids are enjoying the latter part of the summer playing outdoors as much as they can before autumn sets in and school starts, Blueox Energy in Oxford wants to help you keep your kids safe around propane. Read on for more information about propane safety. If you would like more information about propane…

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4 Reasons to Choose Propane as Your Energy Source

Propane gas is portable, clean, and efficient, and since over 90% of the propane Americans use is produced in America, it is also a stable, domestic source of energy. In spite of this, propane only meets about 4% of the United States of America’s overall energy needs. At Blue Ox Energy, we know that propane…

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