4 Reasons to Choose Propane as Your Energy Source

Propane gas is portable, clean, and efficient, and since over 90% of the propane Americans use is produced in America, it is also a stable, domestic source of energy. In spite of this, propane only meets about 4% of the United States of America’s overall energy needs.

At Blue Ox Energy, we know that propane gas is a vastly underutilized energy source, and we want to change that. Our propane delivery and refill service is designed to make using propane as easy and convenient as possible, and we are dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of using propane as a primary energy source. Today, we’ll go over four great reasons to make the switch to propane today. Read it here, and if you’re in New York state, you can sign up for propane delivery now!

1. Propane Is Efficient

Propane furnaces are up to 95% efficient, so they save energy without sacrificing your comfort. Unlike heating pumps, propane furnaces are able to recover temperature very quickly. This means that you can turn down your thermostat when you leave your home knowing that it will not take long to heat back up when you return. You’ll have greater control over both your comfort and your budget!

2. Propane Is Versatile

Propane is not only used for heating. Clothing dryers that run on propane use a minimal amount of gas and energy while drying your clothes more quickly. This means you spend less time fussing over laundry duties and each load costs less to run.

Cooking with propane gives you much greater control over the temperature compared with electric stoves. Propane stoves are also more efficient, in part because you can fine-tune the temperature in real time and not have to wait as the stove heats up or cools off.

2. Propane is Eco-Friendly

Although some people hear the word “propane,” think “oil,” and automatically associate it with oil spills and toxic fumes, propane is actually very environmentally friendly compared to many energy sources. Using propane gas emits up to 26% fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline in vehicles, 38% fewer greenhouse gases than fuel oil in furnaces, and fewer than half the carbon dioxide emissions of charcoal. Propane meets all clean fuel regulations.

If you want to burn a fuel that does not cause long-term environmental damage, will not leave residue if leaked, and is harmless to soil, then you should choose propane gas.

4. You Can Get Propane Delivered Right to You

Blueox On Demand’s convenient New York propane delivery service makes it easy to implement propane as your energy source of choice. Simply place your order online and one of our CETP-certified drivers will bring your propane straight to your door. Keeping your home or business warm year-round is now as simple as making a few clicks from your couch.

Our service area covers a large portion of New York state, so check today to see if you’re eligible for our propane service! If you have any other questions or are ready to sign up, contact us today! We’re ready to help you make the switch to a superior energy source now.