But I’ve Never Had Trouble Getting a Delivery Before – Why Worry Now?

But I’ve Never Had Trouble Getting a Delivery Before – Why Worry Now?

Did you know just because you are established with a propane or fuel oil company does not mean you are guaranteed product? The infrastructure needed to ensure energy gets from point A to point B is no small task.

Did you also know there are two types of supply a company must manage?

Not only does your provider need to coordinate “physical supply” with ships, pipelines and trucking but they also need to coordinate what is called “paper supply.”  Paper supply is how much product a dealer will commit to taking, coordination of when will they take the product, and of course what price will they pay. Companies that don’t follow the rules, or purchase more product than they need, can be refused supply for violating contracts. Companies that don’t purchase enough supply can be left with no product in the middle of winter – which means ….

“No Fuel For You!!” (Hoping someone gets this Seinfeld reference)


Propane supply is distributed on an allocation basis. For every gallon of propane a dealer contracts to take in the summer months we are allotted 3 gallons in the winter months to service our customer base. Do you remember just a few years ago, when the bitter negative temperatures set in for weeks? More than one company in our area did not have enough propane supply.

Companies ran customers out and left them for DAYS with no propane – it was happening on such a mass scale that the Attorney General launched an investigation! Other companies were running to close to the bone and resorted to only partially filling tanks to stretch supply as much as possible by giving each customer just a few gallons at a time.

So as we promised when we started telling our story, we won’t pressure you to switch to Blueox Energy, but you should know

Blueox did not have supply issues that year.

All our customers received product. If they ran out of fuel we were there the SAME DAY. Blueox filled every tank – every time. We were, and still are, committed to responsible supply management. We keep them full – we keep them ready – we stay prepared to be there for you.

Strong supply management is another way we are proving we are a different kind of energy company.


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