Facts about Bioheat® Fuel for New York Homeowners

If you have oil-fired heating equipment in your Central and Southern Tier New York home and are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, Bioheat® fuel is the perfect solution. The team at Blueox Energy is proud to deliver this environmentally friendly heating fuel, which is better for the planet and our customers. Plus, it can be used with no expensive conversions and helps drive our local economy. Let’s take a closer look at some facts about Bioheat® fuel and why you should order a delivery of this eco-friendly fuel today.

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Top 4 Facts about Bioheat® Fuel in NY

Bioheat® fuel is a renewable heating fuel.

Bioheat® fuel is a renewable heating fuel because it is made from a blend of ultra-low sulfur oil and renewable biodiesel. Biodiesel is renewable because it is made from renewable and recycled resources, like agricultural vegetable oil by-products and recycled animal fats. At Blueox Energy, we offer the area’s only custom Bioheat® fuel oil blend available. We’re committed to surpassing regulations and currently deliver an increased blend of 10% Bioheat® fuel instead of the 5% many of our competitors offer! This higher percentage blend ensures that you will be using the most environmentally friendly oil option available on the market right now.

Bioheat® fuel produces lower emissions compared to other fuels.

By blending ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel, Bioheat® fuel is significantly cleaner burning than other liquid heating fuels. It produces fewer emissions than traditional heating oil and is nontoxic. All of these factors contribute to cleaner air in our community.

You don’t need a new heating system to use Bioheat® fuel.

If you already have an oil boiler or oil furnace, your system is ready to use Bioheat® fuel. Bioheat® fuel requires no modifications to be used in oil heating systems, which means if you haven’t already ordered Bioheat® fuel for your home, you can do so starting today!

Bioheat® fuel helps support domestic jobs and our local economy.

According to Biodiesel.org, the Bioheat® fuel industry employs roughly 60,000 people and counting. By ordering Bioheat® heating fuel from a local energy provider like Blueox Energy, you are doing your part two-fold to support your community.

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Ready to Order Bioheat® Fuel? Contact Blueox Energy Now!

At Blueox Energy, we’re proud to be your local source for dependable Bioheat® fuel delivery. Our professional and experienced team of delivery drivers is eager to bring you the Bioheat® fuel you need to keep your home warm. Don’t forget that in addition to fuel delivery, we also provide a wealth of HVAC services, including heating installations and maintenance. Order your Bioheat® fuel now and experience the Blueox Energy difference today!

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