Read the Fine Print!

Don’t let them trick you into another year!

Prebuy and budget season for purchasing fuel oil and propane has arrived – and it shouldn’t be stressful or hard. You shouldn’t be worried about what is sneaking around in the contract fine print. Or that you have a limited time to make a hard decision.

Your supplier probably has sent you a letter (or will be soon) telling you that you have just 2 weeks to enroll in their program or you will miss out. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, at Blueox, we don’t follow the traditional herd of only allowing enrollment during the month of July or August. You can enroll in a program with us anytime from April – October (again just another reason we are more flexible than your current supplier). We don’t put any unnecessary time pressures on your decisions either. Most importantly … there isn’t anything in our “fine print” that rips you off.

It’s Your Money…

At Blueox, we don’t limit the time window you can use your gallons. You have one calendar year … yes that includes deliveries even in April, May, June, July and August. If you are confused by this statement – we understand why. Other companies lock you into a price contract but then tell you when you can use the gallons that YOUR MONEY paid for.

At Blueox, we don’t pocket any of your leftover money at the end of the season. Let’s repeat – it is YOUR MONEY. Other companies keep your credit balances at the end of a season and force you to purchase additional things from them with that money. Holding you hostage from ever being able to make a change without losing YOUR MONEY. If this has happened to you – stop the cycle and call us – we can help you find a way out.

At Blueox, we don’t charge price protection fees. The market is too volatile. We just give everyone this protection at no extra cost. Propane or fuel oil, if market prices fall on the day of your delivery, your price will fall too. No games, no worrying, just the best price guaranteed so you can get the most out of YOUR MONEY.

At Blueox, we make enrolling easy. So easy in fact you can sign up online and save $.05 a gallon in our 4 step enrollment process. No thinking, no guessing, no wrong decisions. Just 4 easy steps and you are enrolled. It’s the year 2021 shouldn’t your energy provider be able to do everything online – like Blueox can?  You can keep track of YOUR MONEY all season long by reviewing your account online anytime. Don’t want to enroll online? No problem – call us we can mail you a prepopulated information sheet or discuss what options make you feel most comfortable over the phone.

Choose Blueox.

So the moral of our story today is that other fuel oil and propane companies are constantly looking for ways they can get ahead. At Blueox, we make sure the only one getting ahead and staying in control is you. Blueox makes buying your homes energy easy, so you stay comfortable and you enjoy doing business with us.

Call us today and let us show you how we are a different kind of energy company! Offers still good for customers who switch by August 31st!

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