Now Accepting New Customers – Thanks But No Thanks!

After taking a few weeks off to enjoy the holiday and warm weather we are back and ready to continue our education journey with you. One thing that drives us crazy (besides poor customer service) is gimmicky marketing tactics. Whether it is in print, tv, radio or social media “tricks” to get your business are obnoxious and an indication of the core values of an organization.

One “trick” that is growing in popularity is to portray to customers that there is some fantasy exclusive club that they haven’t been able to be a part of before but “now for a limited time we are accepting new customers.” Last time we checked fuel oil and propane has never belonged to anyone’s exclusive fantasy.

Red Flag!

If you are searching for a new provider for your heating oil or your propane gas. You should think about that gimmick hard. How stable can a supplier be if they only take new customers for a limited amount of time? Red Flag!  Isn’t the whole point of running a business to sustain and grow? Red Flag! With all the green initiatives putting pressure on the energy industry if you aren’t growing you are in fact shrinking. Red Flag!

There are no “new” groups of customers in our area – the same people that have needed our products are the same people that will continue to need our products. They just have a choice of who the lucky company is that they will choose to supply them. So if a company is not in fact growing (because they don’t take care of you the way they should) that means they are in fact shrinking …. Shrinking means less stability and more irrational business practices to survive. RED FLAG!

We Love a Good Gift!

Any organization that is lucky enough to be chosen by you to supply their fuel or gas should be operating under strategy… strategy for growth … strategy for innovation … strategy for survival.   Now a marketing strategy we do agree with is offering new customer incentives to thank you for choosing us! We even go further and offer thank you incentives for EXISTING customers from time to time. When was the last time your fuel or propane provider did that for you? Over the last few years we have increased the discounts we offer our existing customers, we have also sent them special thank you coupons to lower their price per gallon on fuel they were going to use anyway. (We love a good practical gift).

So if you continue to be unsure if you are with the right energy provider- call us. Give us a chance to show you how we are different. How we appreciate you. How we thank you for choosing us! We aren’t an exclusive club, we are ALWAYS taking new customers so whenever you want to give us a try, we will be here waiting, ready and welcoming! If you are thinking of changing this summer we do have some great thank you gifts to make it worth your while! Call us today!


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