Looking to Switch to Blueox – But Your Company is Matching Our Price?

We have some thoughts on that …. Read on!

Years ago we used to do it to. A customer would call and say they could get X price with another company and we would match it to try and save that customer. Guess what? The next year they would do the same thing … and again and again. So it begged the question … WHY is our customer even looking for prices from other companies if we are taking good care of them? One of two potential hypothesis:

1.  We weren’t really taking care of them so price became their main decision maker.

2.   They don’t actually care about the experience we offer because “fuel is fuel and they have a fixed budget” and nothing we can do will ever change that.

As a company the more time you spend reflecting on how your customers tell you they feel (via words or actions) the more opportunity you have to get better. So we have spent several years reflecting, evaluating and getting better and better. Feeling good that we offer a really good experience and that we have invested in tools, technology and people to ensure we execute on that experience,. This is what drives our organization. So ….

We Don’t Price Match. We Don’t Negotiate. We Offer the Best Price We Can Upfront.

Whether you are considering buying fuel oil and propane or a brand new furnace from us. The price is the price. We offer discounts wherever we can, but more importantly we offer you the best price we can FROM THE START. If a company could lower their price to match someone else’s, then they should have been able to offer you that price all along. Right?

If you are the type that loves an awkward car price negotiation – you will be disappointed when you call us. Because if we can offer you a discount we will up front – we won’t negotiate. We also offer most of those discounts to existing customers too. Our current customers mean just  as much to us as the potential ones do and we sleep well at night knowing that.

Existing Customers: We see you. We remember you. We appreciate and thank you.

So call us and find out what our prices are, hear how our people and processes are better. Then call your current provider and compare. We bet the choice to switch will be clear.

PS If you like negotiations and pricing games – Then call us anyway and get our price – at least then you will be the master of the game with your provider, instead of the pawn, and we may have helped you save a little bit too!


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