I Want to Switch to Blueox- But What Do I Do Next?

When you have been loyal and committed to a fuel company it can feel hard, overwhelming and downright scary to make a change. What if the new company doesn’t take care of me? What happens to the fuel in my tank? Will it cost me more money to make a change? Who owns my tank?

The list of uneasy questions goes on and on. Let us help.

Below we have provided answers to some of the most common questions we hear from people. People just like you who are considering switching to Blueox, and how they should handle the transition with their current provider. (If you have additional questions you need answered just call us we are happy to provide guidance over the phone.)

Who owns my tank?

FUEL OIL: Typically fuel oil customers own their own tanks inside their basement, garage or even just outside the home. Therefore you are empowered to quickly change providers at any time because there is no change out of equipment needed.

PROPANE: Propane tanks are typically provided by the propane supply company. These are always located outside of the home. If you are ready to switch to Blueox give us a call and we will schedule a tank change out appointment around your schedule. (Someone at least 18 years of age will need to be home for this appointment to sign off on our gas check procedure to ensure the supply is safe.)

Who do I call first – my current company or Blueox?

FUEL OIL: If you are on automatic delivery we recommend placing a “Delivery Hold” on your account with your current provider before switching to Blueox. This prevents them from coming out and filling your tank at the same time you are trying to establish services with a new provider. (Pro Tip: If they deliver to your tank AFTER you have requested a Delivery Hold or Stop they are responsible and can legally be required to pump the product out of your tank and reimburse you for it.) If you shop around for deliveries, you can call your current provider at any time requesting them to terminate your account and issue you a refund check if credit is due.

PROPANE: If you are on automatic delivery (most common) our answer varies based on the time of year because propane can be used for other appliances besides heat. You want to make sure you have enough product in your tank to last you until the new provider can set their tanks. You also want to make sure you don’t get a delivery right before you change companies because (mainly national companies) may charge you a “per gallon restocking fee” when they pick up the tank. (Pro Tip: This is how they trick you and try to scare you or force your hand to remain a customer. Don’t worry about the threat we can help you navigate what to do and when so you are never left without product.)

So after I have signed up with Blueox what happens next?

FUEL OIL: Just start enjoying the benefits of joining a better energy company. We will make our deliveries based upon the agreed upon account set up and you will be ready when the colder weather arrives.

PROPANE: We will come out and disconnect your current propane company’s tank and set it to the side. We will then place our tank in place and perform a certified gas check documenting all gas appliances and testing all your gas lines to ensure there are no leaks and you are safe. Once our tank is in place you can request a tank pick up from your old supplier. They will owe you a credit for whatever product is still in the tank (yes that is your money so don’t let them bully you into thinking you can’t get it back – legally you can!)



Have more questions? No problem – give us a call or email us at contactus@blueoxenergy.com. We will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the switching process. Also, now is a great time to switch because we are running a variety of specials to make switching more affordable than ever! Check them out below – then fill our a new customer form and we will begin the process for you!


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