How to Choose the Best A/C System Option for Your Upstate NY Home

Are you running an outdated air conditioner in the Greater Oxford area? Whether you’re looking to increase your home comfort, put your tax return to work, or simply replace an unreliable air conditioner, Blueox Energy has you covered! Upgrading your A/C to a new, high-efficiency unit will help you keep your family cool during the warmer months while also saving energy and money. To learn the difference between central and ductless air conditioning systems and the benefits of upgrading this spring, keep reading!

A Basic Rundown on Air Conditioner Types

Air conditioners in Upstate New York are a must for keeping your home comfortable in summer. Regardless of whether you ultimately choose to install a central or ductless air conditioner, you’re getting a great deal and superior home comfort with either one. With that in mind, we can determine which model will be more compatible with your home and budget. Although they have a lot of similarities in terms of home comfort, here’s a quick breakdown of the major separating points between central and ductless A/C units:

Central A/C

  • Whole-Home Cooling
  • Even Airflow Distribution
  • Requires Ductwork

Ductless A/C

  • Zoned or Whole-Home Cooling
  • Supplementary Heat Function
  • No Ductwork Required

Let’s Get Technical: Air Conditioner Anatomy

Get out your notebook for a brief anatomy lesson! Both central and ductless air conditioners consist of two parts: a condenser to pull warm air from outside your home, and an evaporator (air handler) that blows cool air inside your home. But here’s the difference: with central A/C, only one evaporator is needed because cool air is circulated through your ductwork and is released into every room of your home. With ductless A/C, you may have one or many evaporators that connect to your outdoor condenser, and each evaporator only cools the room it lives in.

Want to Upgrade Your A/C System This Spring? Blueox Energy Can Help!

Take comfort in the fact that when you’re considering which A/C option is best for you, there really isn’t a bad choice. Both central and ductless air conditioners will get the job done at a reasonable price point; however, we can help you make the best choice for your home this spring with a personalized consultation.

Our highly qualified service technicians will take into account your cooling budget, the size of your home, and your personal preferences. And in addition to installing your new air conditioning system, we also provide top of the line A/C repair and service plans to bring you peace of mind. Ready to get started on your A/C upgrade? Contact us today!

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