Five Reasons

You Should Switch Your Energy Company To Blueox

Five Signs That Say You Should Switch Your Energy Company

We hear horror stories every day of things customers, just like you, tolerate from your fuel oil or propane provider that you don't have to! Ever been left without fuel when your automatic delivery? Paying surprise fees and surcharges that weren't part of that cheap price per gallon? Just not hearing a friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you have to call? We have heard it all, and you don't have to take it anymore.

Let us share with you the top five reasons why you should consider Blueox as your trusted energy supplier and service company.

Sign #1 - Your Provider is not a One-Stop-Shop

Are you using one fuel oil company for heating, another propane company for hot water, and the local guy you know when your furnace or boiler breaks down? How exhausting!

That's 3 accounts ... 3 sets of bills ... 3 places to potentially call when you have a problem! What if you call your delivery company when it's actually a maintenance issue? Or call your maintenance guy to find out there is a delivery issue?

The only person that loses is you! You lose time, money and comfort!

One call to Blueox and we will access your concern and get a plan in motion to solve your need right away - the first time! Take control of your home comfort and stop chasing your energy problems, we are here for you!


Sign #2 - No Online Capabilities

Whether it’s day or night you should be able to do business when it’s convenient for you! For years fuel oil and propane companies managed their businesses on index cards and spreadsheets – the scary thought is some still do!

In this modern age you need a modern provider. Our customers enjoy the flexibility to make payments, check on their delivery status, request fuel or service, enroll in prebuy or budget payment plans and most importantly do business with us how and when they want to.

You may not work a traditional 9-5 job (who does anymore?) … So you need a delivery company that understands and keeps developing options that fit your lifestyle, not our business hours.

Sign #3 - Not Knowing When Your Provider Will Come

Think about it – it’s a delivery! You can track any delivery you get from any retailer around the world  – why would your fuel deliveries be any different?

Whether you enjoy the convenience of worry free automatic deliveries, or you manage your own fuel deliveries, you SHOULD know when a provider will be at your home or business.

At Blueox we use automated email and texting communication tools so you know when we will be there, ahead of time. Ever forget to add an appointment to the calendar? Our service appointment reminders will remind you of that too! We will even text you to let you know your delivery or service appointment is complete, with a reminder that your bill can be paid online anytime - when it's convenient for you! No tank checking needed and no need to wait on the mail!

Sign #4 - Hidden Fees and Payment Problems

Hidden fees … we get them from cable companies and cell phone companies … why can’t we be safe from them from our energy companies? You can.

Blueox Energy has no delivery fees, no hazmat fees, no processing fees, no restocking fees ... the list goes on and on out there!

The price we quote you in the price you pay … no hidden fees … no surprise charges … just the fuel from our truck to your tank at the price we told you. If only reading every bill was this easy!

Sign #5 - You're Paying The Cheapest Price

We get it … no one wants to pay for energy … but there is a cost to doing business and doing business the right way. Blueox is fully insured and spares no expense to train our drivers, technicians and customer service representatives.

We can't build trust on cheap .. we build trust by doing business the right way. We build trust by answering the phone anytime day or night when you need us. We build trust by working hard to avoid mistakes … but when they happen … we make it right.

What good is a cheap price if you run out of fuel and no one shows up for days to deliver?(Yes this really happens – we hear from customers switching from big companies with “cheap prices” all the time!)

What good is cheap if your oil tank leaks in your basement and your delivery company won’t return your call?

What good is cheap if gas is leaking from your tank and your company doesn’t show up to fix it?

If you’re looking for cheap we are not the company for you, if you’re looking for a company that does it right … we are the perfect fit!


Become a customer today!

If you are tired of dealing with an energy company that does not satisfy your needs or with multiple providers that require you to juggle your time and effort to make everything happen, don’t hesitate to switch to Blueox Energy Products & Services based in Oxford, NY. Our delivery services, maintenance and repair, and trained technicians are here to provide you with a pleasant experience that will surpass your expectations. Become a customer today!

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