Reasons Not to Skip Your A/C Tune-Up This Season

May 4, 2023

No matter how unpredictable the spring weather here in New York can be, one thing is certain: summer is coming. Preparing for warmer temperatures means spring cleaning, landscaping, and caring for your home’s comfort equipment. If you keep cool with…

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How to Choose the Best A/C System Option for Your Upstate NY Home

April 4, 2023

Are you running an outdated air conditioner in the Greater Oxford area? Whether you’re looking to increase your home comfort, put your tax return to work, or simply replace an unreliable air conditioner, Blueox Energy has you covered! Upgrading your…

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5 Signs You Need a New Heating System

March 13, 2023

Was winter hard on your heating system? Whether you’ve known for a while that you need to upgrade your furnace or boiler, or you’re just curious about the signs to watch for, read this blog post. How Can I Tell…

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person dropping coin in jar while holding piggy bank

How to Save Money When Ordering Bioheat® Fuel

February 13, 2023

If you heat your New York area home with Bioheat® fuel, you might already know it is a clean, renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy choice for your home’s needs. That is why Blueox Energy encourages our customers to fuel their…

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thermostat mounted on wall

No-Heat Troubleshooting Checklist for Upstate New York

January 12, 2023

The coldest months of the year are here in Upstate New York, and the last thing you want to do is lose heat in your home during the dead of winter. Along with running the risk of your plumbing freezing,…

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6 Ways to Prepare your Home for an Energy-Efficient Winter in NY

November 1, 2022

With fall in full swing here in New York, colder winter weather will be here before we know it! Now is the time to prepare your Upstate New York home for chillier temperatures, maximize your fuel supply, and get the…

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Why You Need to Sign Up for Automatic Fuel Delivery This Winter

October 4, 2022

As the temperature begins to drop here in Central & Southern Tier, NY, you should consider getting serious about your home heating. For many New Yorkers relying on oil heat or propane, taking care of your home comfort means regularly…

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hand adjusting temperature on heater

Heating Service Plans 101

September 20, 2022

You protect your home, car, and family’s health with preventative insurance measures. Why not your boiler or furnace? After all, your home’s heating equipment plays a major role in keeping your family safe and comfortable, especially in the winter. A…

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The Value of a Full-Service Propane Company

August 29, 2022

When it comes to choosing a propane delivery and service company in the Greater Oxford, New York area, you deserve a business you can count on. The Empire State is no stranger to cold weather–so having a dependable heating service…

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