You Cannot Deny the Benefits Spray Foam Insulation Will Provide Your Oxford Home

Making a decision to install spray foam insulation is indeed a big one. It is, after all, an expense that needs careful consideration. But you cannot deny the benefits spray foam insulation will provide your Oxford home. Many people just fail to see the return on their investment that comes when you have your home insulated.

There is a reason we pump air into our homes, because we expect our indoor air to be clean. Allergy season is here and with it comes the pollen and other particles that cause sneezing, sniffles and runny eyes. It is bad enough to suffer these symptoms when you go outside, but even worse when you suffer them in your own home. Spray foam insulation creates a seal between your home and the outdoor elements. This seal ensures the pollen and other particles that cause allergy symptoms stays where they belong, outside of your home.

Spray foam lasts the lifetime of your house, so you don’t have to replace it like you would with other types of insulation. Typically, this increases the value of your home and leads to a positive return on your investment.

Studies have been conducted comparing homes insulated with spray foam versus homes insulated with fiberglass. The results heavily favored spray foam insulation, concluding that spray foam insulation saves you more in energy costs.

You simply cannot deny the benefits that come with spray foam insulation. If you want to save money in energy costs and better seal your home from the elements, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.