Propane Refill Safety Measures

If you are an Oxford resident traveling back home after having your propane tanks refilled at Blueox Energy, there are safety measures you need to consider. When transporting and storing propane tanks, it is very important that you follow some basic guidelines. As we all know, propane is a clean and safe energy source, but it is also an energy source that must be stored and cared for properly. Here is a handy guide you should follow when storing and transporting your propane cylinders.

If you have questions or concerns about propane, or you would like to sign up to have your propane and home heating oil delivered to your home by our safe and punctual drivers, call Blueox Energy today. We have proudly served the area for decades and we would like to serve you, too!

Transporting In An Open Vehiclemain-shots-fuel2

If you are transporting propane tanks in an open vehicle like a pickup truck, it should be done with the tanks upright and secured. To comply with regulations, the labels on the tanks should be visible. Keeping the tanks upright prevents the tanks or the valves from being damaged.

Transporting In An Enclosed Vehicle

If you are transporting propane tanks in an enclosed vehicle, it should be done with the tanks in an upright and secured position on the rear floor of the vehicle with the window open for added safety. If you transport them in the trunk, place the cylinders in a tote box and make sure to leave the trunk open but tied down for adequate ventilation.

Five Is The Limit

main-shots-propaneYou should never transport more than five propane tanks at once. In open vehicles, the maximum weight should never exceed 500 kg. For reference, a typical propane tank used for a barbecue grill weighs about 17 kg.

Storing Propane Tanks

Full propane tanks being stored for future use need to be kept in a well-ventilated area that is away from traffic and any source of open flame, no matter how small. The tanks should be stored upright on a flat, solid surface like concrete. The surface should be made from non-flammable material and should not collect water. Storing propane tanks directly on the ground will expose them to wet and harsh conditions that may cause the tanks to rust. You should not store propane tanks indoors.

It is critical that propane tanks are stored upright and not on their side. If improperly stored on their side, the relief safety valve will not work properly, which could pose an extreme hazard. If you smell propane, make sure to extinguish any flames and leave your home. Contact the fire department after you are a safe distance away.

These are just a few important guidelines you should follow regarding the storage and transportation of propane tanks. If you have any questions, feel free to give Blueox Energy a call. We are dedicated to providing you with all of the fuels you need to keep your home and business comfortable and safe. Our HVAC technicians have extensive training and can repair or replace any furnace or air conditioner, so call us today if your old furnace just isn’t cutting it.

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