Customers on our Blue Ultra Service Plan now have access
to discounted oil tank replacements — at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Consider this our thank you for being
a valued Blueox Energy customer.

How can Tanksure help me?

Just like your heating system your fuel oil or kerosene tank should be check annually to ensure it continues to safely store the fuel in your tank. Over time the fuel inside the tank can become corrosive and eat away at the tank from the inside out … never even warning you that the tank may not be in stable condition. Most homeowners don’t realize that if an oil tank leaks into their home the clean up … is their responsibility! Blueox wants to help you avoid an unpleasant spill and costly clean up with our Tanksure Oil Tank Protection Plan. Each year our trained technicians will test your tank to ensure it is safe to continue to deliver to. When the time does come for a  replacement … those enrolled in our Tanksure program will automatically receive a $1000 rebate to help cover the cost of the tank! Ensuring your home stays warm and safe is our top priority to ask today for more information about our Tanksure oil tank coverage plan.

What are some other warning signs that your tank should be inspected or replaced?

  • Wet spots near the belly of the tank. Don’t just paint over them … let us test them to ensure oil isn’t seeping through!
  • Tank legs that are not level or properly installed … your tank should never balance on anything … other than four sturdy legs to ensure it will never tip.
  • Rust spots … you never know if rust is truly surface level or starting to eat through the tank … our ultrasonic test can let you be sure
  • Other safety concerns include … a non working whistle to warn the driver when the tank is near full … a non working gauge … plastic fill and vent pipes that can crack in cold temperatures and cause leaks when filling


Blue Ultra Plan Customers Are Eligible For Two Levels Of Coverage

Eligibility Requirements:E ALL Blue Ultra Service Plan customers are eligible for TankSure coverage, but the amount of coverage depends on the condition of your fuel oil or propane tank at the time of the initial visual and ultrasonic inspections. The better shape your tank is in upon inspection, the more you’ll receive toward a replacement when the time comes!

$1,000 TankSure Coverage*

If your tank (or tanks) qualifies both visually and ultrasonically at the time of initial inspection, you will receive $1,000 toward a new tank when it is determined your oil tank requires replacement. Once your tank has qualified initially, it will never have to re-qualify as long as you maintain your renewal.

$200 Basic TankSure Coverage*

If your tank (or tanks) fails to qualify at the initial inspection, or requires replacement prior to the initial inspection, you will receive $200 toward a new tank at the time of replacement. Propane tanks will likely fail to qualify if they:

  • Are underground
  • Are not easily accessible for our technicians to test
  • Fail the visual or ultrasonic expression
  • Are leaking
  • Have been previously patched or repaired
  • Cannot be tested due to rushed time constraints

Blue Plus Customers

For an additional $75 a year, you will receive:

  • Discounted diagnostic fees of only $49 per service call
  • 50% off all repairs if anything goes wrong in the middle of winter
  • $1,000 toward your next oil tank when your current one needs to be replaced

Thank You For Choosing Blueox Energy!

*Enrollment in the TankSure Program’s $1,000 tank replacement payment is contingent upon the customer’s tank passing an initial ultrasonic and visual inspection.

While we cannot guarantee the prevention of a leak or other failure of your tank, we are providing this new service with the hope that by testing and monitoring, we can offer a long-term, proactive replacement program for our customers.

New tank(s) must be installed by Blueox Energy or a Blueox-Energy-approved contractor. Voluntary replacement is not covered. TankSure’s Tank Replacement Payment may not cover the entire tank replacement cost, and the customer is responsible for paying the difference.

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